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Jun 28, 2020
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"Great, kind people who really like to help you get well."
Jan 27, 2020
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"I attend Lawrence County Physical Therapy Institute twice a week for aqua therapy. I have ALS/Lou Gherig's disease & Josh & Sean have done wonders with strengthening my back & helping me to maintain my upper body strength. The building is handicap accessible and is very spacious. Everyone is extremely friendly & helpful. You're recognized as an individual & you aren't just another number. I also love the fact that it is a Christian organization!! The building is easily seen & is just off the highway. I would highly recommend LCPTI for any PT/OT needs!!!"
Jan 20, 2020
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"Great people great therapy great improvement"
Dec 15, 2019
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"Caring people who put their heart into your recovery."
Nov 08, 2019
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"The BEST place to go for physical therapy!!!"
Sep 19, 2019
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"Great people and great at what they they are all like one big family"
Sep 15, 2019
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"its alright"
Sep 07, 2019
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Aug 14, 2019
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"Great place, excellent service, very professional and comfortable facility. Exceptional people from the staff to the therapists. Very personalized service and perfect place to fill at home. Out of all the professional services i have had this is the best of the best."
Jul 11, 2019
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"Very attentive and caring Christian values"
Jun 30, 2019
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May 23, 2019
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"Great pool great therapist"
Apr 07, 2019
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"The staff are absolutely wonderful, from the office personnel to the therapists. I was sent here by my surgeon to help alleviate some of the pain that I was experiencing in my back and in only a few sessions I noticed a major reduction in my pain level."
Apr 06, 2019
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Apr 01, 2019
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"Nice staff"
Mar 14, 2019
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Dec 21, 2018
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Jan 04, 2018
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“In May of 2006 I had a partial shoulder replacement performed on my left shoulder. This is the first time I had any major surgery of this sort. At the time I was 51 years of age. When asked by the surgeon who I wanted to go to for physical therapy I chose Lawrence County Physical Therapy Institute in Shenango Township because of their location being close to my home. I have to admit I had no idea what was in store for me for the next 12 weeks. During the period of my rehab I got to meet and know the staff at the Institute. There was no doubt in my mind that this entire establishment and all its employees were a very dedicated group of care-givers. Every single one of them possesses an attitude that every one of their patients will receive the best possible care available. They performed their daily duties in great harmony. No one acted or felt any single one of them were above or better than the rest. They truly are a team, a very dedicated team.”

Don M.

“Each one of our family members have at one time or another been treated by Lawrence County Physical Therapy Institute. The warm atmosphere and love that is demonstrated through Matt and Barb and their staff far exceed our expectations. We are always greeted with a smile and the care we’ve received was genuine. When we went there, we were made to feel as if we were the only ones in the room even though there were other patients present. They gave us one on one patient/therapist treatment and that made the healing process much quicker.

We highly recommend this facility to anyone who will be needing physical therapy.”

Brian and Pam W.

“Being in great physical pain and somewhat apprehensive about what would take place during physical therapy, I went to Lawrence County Physical Therapy Institute for the first time. During the evaluation, I met with physical therapist, Matt Callahan. He was so thoughtful and so thorough that I just knew he would take excellent care for me. Throughout each appointment, Matt and the rest of the Lawrence County Physical Therapy Institute’s exceptionally knowledgeable and caring staff guided me through each stop of the personalized treatment plan that they had devised for me. They took the time to chart a course of action that was best suited to my specific needs. Their well thought-out and customized approach took me from excruciating pain that adversely affected every moment of my day to virtually pain free existence in which I could once again live and function.”

Tammy M.

“I thoroughly recommend Matt and his associates as being trustworthy, kind, competent, and most of all, they listen. I call him God’s right hand man and praise the Lord that my PCP recommended him. He sings while taking care of his patients and showing Christian love to all. His beautiful wife & daughters are truly blessed as a solid Christian home. If ‘I can, You Can’.”

Norma N.