Aquatic Center Equipment

Therapeutic Pool / Swim Machine
  • “Endless Pool Elite” aquatic system
  • 15′ x 15′ pool – Allows for adequate area for patients and athletes alike to achieve their designated goals
  • 51″ water depth allowing for adequate buoyancy and water-based resisted exercise
  • Variable water temperature accommodates both therapeutic and athletic needs
  • Aquatic Access in-ground lift with 300 lb capacity for easy patient access
  • Treadmill belt lies only 3″ from the pool bottom, allowing for the benefits of increased buoyancy and decreased joint stress
  • Treadmill offers a significant challenge to cardiovascular/pulmonary and musculoskeletal systems, particularly when combined with the swim current
Underwater Camera System
  • Two underwater color cameras allows for in-depth swim and walk/run analysis
Swim Current
  • Powerful, broad-based swim current perfect for swimmers of all ages and skill levels
  • For those looking for a competitive edge, the current is able to provide a challenging sub-48 second 100yd swim time

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